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Self Talk videos.

In this first audio found on YouTube a helpful christian talk using the bible to exemplify the art of self talk. This first video is by a speaker who spoke on the topic of self talk and mental conversations in 1959. Granted a lot has changed since then and the self talk has become overcome by other peoples ideas and self talk online. If you are going to take these videos seriously you will be using face to face offline or in videos talk specifically to a tribe of people. The first speaker Neville Goddard says self talk creates reality. He seems very inept in the teachings of the hermetecus so do not be to put of with what he is saying. You can find more about these sorts of people and what they believe by studying conflicting subjects like Kybalion, I understand it is free to read online and there are far to many videos on YouTube on this belief. I would say rather than take to seriously what other people believe try and concentrate on your beliefs that serve you and not get to bogged down with other peoples self talk, just try and daily switch of your own for a bit, give thanks to what works you then begin doing whatever it is you want to do. Try and extract and write down what works for you in videos and put it in a private notebook. Try and factor in a grow into some sort of mind map over the years so you can refine what you need to do on a daily or monthly basis and stick too it.

Title: Self-Talk Creates Reality Audio by Neville Goddard – [How to be successful] source YouTube 2014.


Book of numbers

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Just believe and the book of numbers in wealth management. Your words become realities.

Path to Mastery September 2012

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ImageJust a quick post,in two hours I will be attending the Path to Mastery with Darren Eden and the team down Fleet Street in the Strand Hotel. If you get this message come down its always been really good heres why. Read the rest of this post »

Path To Mastery 2 This evening The Strand London

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Robert Bridge, personnel development and workshop seminars in London for your path to mastery

The Path To Mastery 13th March 2012 The Strand

The Path To Mastery is a course that consist of a series of seminars that lead onto webinars. The seminars are very good and attract a lot of young and wise people in London who join and participate. The course is ran by Darren Eden and Ryan Pinninck.

The Path To Mastery takes a look at all the sci-fi films and stories from the past twenty years to understand how to step into a path of success. The stories are explained by Darren and grouped together to tell a complete story to step onto or understand your own Path Of Mastery. Read the rest of this post »

Rich Media Content

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Some more of that RMC, sound good? From API bars too fluid templates filled with Java script widgets all wrapped up in a bunload of moving content.

Statistically content creation is changing, its obvious the text moves from the lexical (the most popular method of communications) to the audio rss feed blast to the moving slides and internal video’s at the bottom of a rich media filled journal post.

The introduction of the image, the image as a meta tag highlighted as a discurse and eye catching preamble of the days blurbs. The feed is outside of the comments usual hum drumb via audio, and the audio is simply a rehash of the lexical but vital part of identifying and understanding the author. Read the rest of this post »

New Upload to

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Reading graphs on Facebook Presentations

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You can tell a lot by someones social signiture’ someone said this the other day and this got me thinking. I’m sure that most networkers in
business think this too sort of in competition, like a business card in that popular movie. I have recently graduated loosely in media
The grade is not enough to get my foot in the door with BT however it has helped my fathom many different things, it hasn’t made me any
brighter but has helped my curiosity, reading a watching grow, I truth be known this curiosity is proving to be a strength and has helped with
social skills, making presentations to small groups and broaderned my terminology. Why am I telling you all this? Read the rest of this post »

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